Selected papers available to download:


  • Wilkerson, M., D’Angelo, C., & Litts, B. (2020). Stories from the field: Locating and cultivating computational thinking in spaces of learning. Interactive Learning Environments, 28(3), 264-271. journal website


  • D’Angelo, C. M., Smith, J., Alozie, N., Tsiartas, A., Richey, C., and Bratt, H. (2019). Mapping individual to group level collaboration indicators using speech data. Proceedings of the Computer-Support Collaborative Learning Conference 2019. Lyon, France. pdf


  • D’Angelo, C. M., Harris, C. J., Lundh, P., House, A., Leones, T. and Llorente, C. (2017). Examining the Types, Features, and Use of Instructional Materials in Afterschool Science. School Science and Mathematics, 117, 269–281. doi:10.1111/ssm.12229 preprint version | SSM – official article link


  • D’Angelo, C. M., Roschelle, J., Bratt, H., Shriberg, L., Richey, C., Tsiartas, A., & Alozie, N. (2015). Using students’ speech to characterize group collaboration quality. Poster presented at The Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Conference 2015. Gothenburg, Sweden. poster | Project page on SRI’s website
  • Krumm, A. E., D’Angelo, C. M., Podkul, T. E., Feng, M., Yamada, H., Beattie, R., Hough, H., & Thorn, C. (2015). Practical measures of learning behaviors. L@S ’15 Proceedings of the Second (2015) ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale. ACM site – pdf available


  • D’Angelo, C. M., Moorthy, S., Allen Bemis, C., & Sherwood, C. A. (March, 2014). Using log data to analyze teacher implementation of Framework-aligned curriculum. Paper presented at the NARST annual international conference. Pittsburgh, PA. pdf
  • Lundh, P., D’Angelo, C. M., Harris, C., House, A., Llorente, C., & Leones, T. (2014). One activity at a time: The role of instructional materials in after school science. Paper presented at the NARST annual international conference. Pittsburgh, PA. [pdf will be uploaded soon]

Selected slides from talks:


  • D’Angelo, C. M. (October, 2017). An education research perspective on xR technologies. Invited talk at “xR in EDU” event. pdf of slides | event website
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