The Next Chapter

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a research job with the Center for Technology and Learning at SRI International! I will be starting in mid-July and can’t wait to start working on some of the projects there and continue building my research program. I think that SRI will be a great place for me and allow me to take advantage of my unique background and training in order to do really innovative work in the intersection of science education, technology, and measurement. SRI supports research in all sorts of STEM areas, not just education, and there are a ton of resources available.

SRI is located in Menlo Park, a few blocks away from Stanford (the “S” in SRI used to refer to Stanford – although they haven’t been affiliated with them since 1970). I am excited to move back to California (but I think my family is even more excited) and it should be interesting living up in the Bay Area instead of SoCal like I’m used to.


I would also like to say that I was lucky enough to have to make a decision about where I wanted to work next, and although my other option was very exciting in a lot of ways (due to its location – in Singapore – and research opportunities), I feel like SRI will be a really good fit for the next chapter of my career.

Author: cynthiadangelo

I am a researcher, working on educational games, science education, and data visualization. I like photography, soccer, traveling, and teaching my dog new tricks.

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