Whale Watching in SF

This past weekend my dad and I went whale watching off of San Francisco. We went with San Francisco Whale Tours on a six hour long boat ride that went all the way to the Farallon Islands and beyond.

Saturday morning was extremely foggy. And when I say extremely foggy, I mean it. When we were directly beneath the Golden Gate Bridge we could barely see it:

Foggy Golden Gate BridgeBuoy 2

We saw a harbor porpoise and lots of birds and some sea lions on our way out of the Bay. It was still very foggy by the time we got to the Farallon Islands.


The Farallon Islands are a National Wildlife Refuge and it was awesome to see a ridiculous amount of wild California sea lions, northern elephant seals, and tons of birds in their natural habitat.


There were some people in another boat that were getting in a cage to swim with the great white sharks (we didn’t see any, but they apparently were around).

Swimming with sharks

We had to go out even farther to see some whales. It took a while, but we finally found some humpback whales!

There was a juvenile California sea lion that kept swimming around our boat. I kept getting worried that he would help the great white sharks find our boat, but it all turned out ok (for now).

our sea lion friend

Back on the boat, our tour guide showed us some samples of baleen from some whales so we got a close up look at their amazing filtering system.

baleenOn the way back to San Francisco, the fog had cleared and we got some great views of the city.

The rest of my pictures from our whale watching adventure are on flickr.

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